Ghamrota Village, P. O. Ballah ,Tehsil Palampur District Kangra Himachal Pradesh 176061

Activities in Dharamshala

Mountain Biking

One of the perks of staying at Rakkh, a premium adventure resort in India, is that you get to explore the surrounding countryside on “two wheels”! Our experienced activity guides will take you on various trails across the stunning landscapes that flank the resort, with plenty of rest and snack stops along the route. Different trails have been specially designed to cater for differing levels, from beginners to more practiced mountain bikers. Mountain bikes and equipment will be provided for our younger guests of 8 and above.

These scenic bike rides take you through the surrounding villages of Rakh and Ghamrota, through local tea estates, past isolated Tibetan monasteries and at the end of the excursion our vehicle will be on hand to pick you up and return you to the resort. All excursions are accompanied by our highly trained staff, and all the bikes and equipment reach international standards.



The immediate area surrounding Rakkh, a leading adventure resort in India, has provided some perfect hiking trails. Step outside your room and within minutes we’ll take you on some very special walks, varying in terms of distance, terrain and difficulty level, so there’s something for everyone.

From gentle hour-long walks into the nearby villages to more challenging five-hour hikes up to the famous Baba Balak Nath temple, we offer hikes both morning and late afternoon, and always try and avoid being out during the hottest time of the day. Our guides will be with you during all walks, ensuring plenty of stops along the way for refueling and to point out the flora and fauna along the way. So get your hiking shoes on, the picturesque tracts of Raakh, a premium adventure resort in India, are waiting to be explored.

Wall Climbing & Rappelling

The climbing wall at Rakkh caters for climbers of all abilities, from total beginners to experienced climbers. Our eight meter wall has artificially constructed grips for hands and feet and can accommodate up to two climbers at once, as well as being able to have a separate area for rappelling down the wall.

This is a great activity to help develop confidence, balance and muscle strength. It’s a perfect activity for children of all ages, as they display natural coordination, balance, agility and a lack of fear often adults have lost. Our highly qualified climbing instructors are on hand to teach you the ropes – quite literally – and of course all our safety equipment meets internationally recognised standards. Our guides can also teach children the ins and outs of climbing, including basic knot tying and safety measures.

Climbing Wall


This activity is huge in Europe and the States, no scene in any park is complete without a group of friends demonstrating their slacklining skills, and now Rakkh is bringing it to India!

Slacklining can most easily be described as walking, balancing or doing various tricks on a line tensioned between two anchors. It may seem similar to tightrope walking, however the slackline webbing is flat and broader (1 or 2 inches for example), and the line itself is not perfectly tight – rather stretchy and dynamic, so it gives it a different feel and challenge. Because the line is not attached high from the ground it’s perfectly safe, and it’s a fantastic activity for kids, who anyway have a better sense of balance than adults!

Slacklining is not limited to just walking or balancing – you can perform a wide variety of tricks, jumps or bounces, you can even use the line for static poses, fitness and yoga!

Pottery Workshop

Rakkh, a leading adventure resort in India, has teamed up with local artist, Shubham Singh, to offer guests a chance to take part in a half day pottery workshop at the Andretta Studio. Learn from a true artisan the basic skills of throwing a pot on the manual wheels they have at the studio. Learn the intricacies of the art of pottery-making from a local craftsman who has maintained a long-serving reputation for producing some of the finest works in this medium.

Andretta is renowned for the blue pottery technique, used in ancient Indian pottery, and which was rediscovered by Andretta founder, Sardar Gurcharan Singh. It is a style of low-fired pottery which has a blue glaze (kanch glaze) and uses ground glass as one of the ingredients. You can buy pieces of these beautifully made homeware in the small showroom on site. All the installations for each of the rooms at Rakkh were exclusively hand crafted by Shubham for us.


Himachali Hand Loom

The wool weaving culture in Himachal needs no introduction. Himachali shawls vie with their Kashmiri cousins for numero uno status. But rather than simply buying one from the market, what if you could witness the entire process of how these intricately-woven shawls are made? At Rakkh we have employed a local artisan who will demonstrate with nimble fingers the time-tested art of shawl-making. Watch how these beautiful shawls are made, the skill and craft that goes into each one – and if you decide to buy it – all proceeds go directly to the artisan.

Traditional Himachali Culinary Workshop

Himachali cuisine is unique for two reasons: it is the least-recognized of all major Indian cuisines and it has one of the most distinctive cooking styles. As part of our ethos to introduce guests to the Real Himachal we organise culinary workshops where you can learn the basics as well as nuances of pahadi cooking.

From mainstream meals such as madra (chickpea with a yoghurt gravy) and dishes for the sweet-toothed guest such as meethe chawal (sweetened rice) to lesser-known savories like khodu and patrore – you’ll learn how to prepare and then feats on a cuisine that seldom finds mention in the annals of the great Indian cookbook, yet finds its own, visceral way to your taste buds, in a traditional Himachal kitchen. Meals are taken sitting cross legged on the floor, and food is best enjoyed eaten with fingers!



Hoist your sails up in the skies with our day tours to the world-famous paragliding destination of Bir-Billing – known as one of the premier paragliding spots places the world. Taking off from Billing, you and your flight instructor sail across fourteen kilometers of Himachal skies, with the Dhauladhar mountain range offering a generous panoramic spectacle, and land safely in Bir. Flights are on average 20-25 minutes depending on the conditions. We recommend early morning and late afternoon flights for the best conditions.

Paragliding in Bir-Billing is open through the year, so there’s no need to plan ahead if you want to fly, though flights do not take place in the monsoon months, and at certain times of the year flight times are restricted. Our paragliding experts ensure that you have a safe, supervised and highly enjoyable experience from take-off till touchdown. Children of 40 kg or more are considered safe to fly by international safety standards.

Night trek – Upstream to Bhonta Village

The new fad amongst the guests who visit Rakkh, a luxury adventure resort in India. Reason being the whole visual experience you get when out into the wild, deep in the hills and enjoying the starry night, feet in the water with a cup of hot coffee and cookies. This walk is suitable for all ages, be it young, old and kids. Surrounded by hills from both sides in pitch dark take a look up and point all the constellations and stars which were never been so clearer and visible before.
Time: 2 hours to 2 hours 30min / Distance: 4.5kms