Ghamrota Village, P. O. Ballah ,Tehsil Palampur District Kangra Himachal Pradesh 176061

Family Activities @ Rakkh, Dharamshala

familiesIf you’re looking to enjoy some quality time as a family, then Rakkh is perfect.  Give the electronic babysitters a rest and make the most of precious time together s a family. We have plenty of activities which are perfectly suited for families  – get out into the outdoors together. Easy hikes which are suited to children (and adults) of all fitness levels and mountain bike rides which have been designed specifically to make sure families can participate together.

We have top of the range bikes for our younger guests, along with all the necessary safety equipment. The climbing all is a fantastic challenge for kids, who have the nimbleness and agility we as adults only dream of getting back. Our Activities Team have devised a very special activity for our younger adventurers – evening camp skills workshop – learn how to erect a tent, build a camp fire and prepare basic food, pick up some tips on wilderness survival skills and how to navigate by using the stars. For lazy or rainy days indoors we have plenty of board games and books to keep kids happy as well.  In our experience happy kids equal happy parents.